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Juan Pablo Montoya Apparently Drives A Tesla Model S

Juan Pablo Montoya is a racing legend who has won the Indy 500, the Monaco GP, the Daytona 24, and he raced in NASCAR. This became apparent when he posted a picture of himself at the wheel of a Tesla Model S on Facebook, which stood out especially because of its 17 inch LCD screen.

Image obtained from Juan Pablo Montoya's Facebook timeline.
Image obtained from Juan Pablo Montoya’s Facebook timeline.

Now, why on Earth would someone accustomed to racing speeds want to drive an electric car?

Firstly, electric cars have gotten pretty good, secondly, the Tesla Model S is a spectacular car. It can charge in as little as 20 minutes using Tesla Motor’s solar-powered Superchargers at no charge. It can accelerate from 0-60 MPH in as little as 4.4 seconds, it can travel an average of 265 miles per charge, it seats seven people, it has two trunks (one in the front, and a big one in the back), it is comfortable, silent, efficient, and it burns no gasoline.

The Tesla Model S also won the title of Motor Trend Car Of The Year for 2013, and Consumer Reports named it the ‘best overall’ in 2014.

Source: Gas 2.

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