EV Sales Now Account For 12% of Global Automobile Sales

BYD electric car
BYD Song electric SUV. Image obtained with thanks from BYD.

Worldwide sales of battery electric vehicles are now 12% of global automobile sales. Fully electric vehicle registrations accounted for 72% of plug-in vehicle registrations (some hybrids can be plugged in, but are not fully electric). Plug-in vehicles account for 16% of overall vehicle registrations worldwide, and the Tesla Model Y leads with 145,306 registrations in March 2023. This means it also outsold Tesla’s wildly popular Model 3 car, which had 57,581 registrations.

BYD, a growing Chinese car brand was right under the Tesla Model 3 with an impressive 40,388 registrations of the BYD Song fully electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) models. Volkswagen and Volvo were both behind BYD and Tesla. However, they led electric vehicle sales among traditional, established automakers. Newer car brands are currently dominating electric vehicle sales.