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Sainsbury’s Supermarket Joins Google To Tackle The Issue Of Food Waste

Originally published on Cleantechnica By Nicholas Brown.

Have you ever struggled to find something to eat despite the fact that there are countless things stuffed in the back of your refrigerator or cupboard? I have. Recipes are all about combinations, so the often unfamiliar combinations of food stuffed in the back won’t necessarily go well together in a meal. How does one resolve this?

A recipe generator!

Sainsbury’s has partnered with Google to develop an online tool titled “Sainsbury’s Food Rescue” that enables people to enter a list of ingredients they have (up to nine), and the tool will subsequently generate a variety of possible recipes so that you don’t have to improvise. Not only that, but you can even create some space in your refrigerator by using up those ingredients.

We all know it is costly to upgrade to a larger refrigerator (the larger models consume more power, they come with a greater price tag, and they cost more to ship). Equally important is the high cost of wasted food. According to a WRAP study, avoidable food waste in the UK amounts to 4.2 million tonnes annually, costing the average family £60 monthly.

According to Sarah Warby:

Shopping habits have really changed. Families are savvier than ever, looking for practical help to make the most of the food in their cupboards and fridges, she added in a statement. We know that confidence and know-how can really help people reduce the amount of food they throw away.

This was reflected in the surge (by a third) of searches pertaining to recipes for leftovers last year.

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