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A Look At Yingli, The First Solar Sponsor Of The World Cup

Originally published on Cleantechnica By Nicholas Brown.

Inside China, a global leader in renewable energy investment, lies Yingli Solar, the largest solar company in the world, a major sponsor of the World Cup, and the first renewable energy as well as the first Chinese company to sponsor the World Cup in 2010. Sponsors typically fork out $50 to $100 million to put their names on display at this event. A Climate Desk reporter got inside Yingli for a tour inside this growing company.

Interviewees at Yingli Solar said they are so successful that their production capacity and value doubled every year from 2004 to 2013. Yingli’s staff count stands at a whopping 30,000 members, according to Zhao Zelin, the Global Sales Director of Yingli. That is 30,000 green jobs helping to carry the economy forward!

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7q9rV6LViI’]

Yingli Solar is based in Baoding, which is currently facing particularly high levels of smog, which the video host found ironic. However, one drop can cause an enormous ripple. Yingli Solar could be considered that drop, as they are successfully providing more and more smog-reducing solar panels. The success of the solar industry will surely help Baoding to reduce their smog levels in the future.

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