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The Product Hunt App Is Now Available For iPhones

A mobile app is now available for Product Hunt.

Mobile apps always have the potential to be more convenient than websites because they enable developers full control over their appearance on the screen, as well as offline viewing, offline commenting, and much more.

As Ryan Hoover, the founder of Product Hunt said:

People come to the site multiple times a day, but the mobile experience isn’t great right now. We wanted to give people an easy way to browse what’s new when you’re on your way somewhere.

The Product Hunt app has the submit and search buttons in the top right corner of the screen at all times so that you won’t have to scroll up to access them.

You can also sort product submissions by popularity or age.

Product Hunt is a website which people post products to (especially technology in Silicon Valley) including mobile apps. Users then upvote them if they like them. As they get more upvotes, they get closer to the top of Product Hunt.

This is reminiscent of Digg, where people post links to news articles, and getting a large-enough number of recommendations will get you to their front page which millions of people see.

Hopefully Product Hunt isn’t abused in the way that Digg was for promotional reasons. I remember using Digg. I saw people form groups which would agree to upvote their posts right away to artificially ram their way to the front page.

Apart from that, Ryan Hoover wants to take Product Hunt beyond technology once the app is complete.

He said:

There needs to be an overlap without existing audience,” Hoover says. “If we started with fashion tomorrow, that would be difficult. We want to have product categories that people are passionate about. One example is video games. If you look at mobile gaming alone, there’s a need for a better way to curate those products.

Source: Mashable.

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