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Wearable Technology/Google Glass Banned From Cinemas

I always wondered how the motion picture industry would react if wearable technology with cameras such as Google Glass became mainstream. Before that even happened, the MPAA and the National Association Of Theatre Owners announced that wearable devices including Google Glass must be switched off or put away during show time.

Currently, recording devices except phones are banned from many theatres, but unfortunately, phones have become too important to ban, even though people use them to record movies. Would people leave their phones at home so they could go to theatres?

Google Glass
Man Wearing Google Glass – Image obtained with thanks from Janitors on Flickr.

I think that theatre attendance would decrease if phones were banned, and theatres have more competition than ever. Today, you can purchase a massive TV and virtually impeccable speakers (which are better quality than theatre speakers). Combined with access to your own bathroom, kitchen, couch or bed, and a coffee table and you’ll have a better experience at a fraction of the cost (in the long term).

While wearable technologies with tiny cameras integrated into them facilitate discreet, illegal recording in cinemas, people are already using phones to record movies. I think the wearable device restrictions will be more helpful where disturbances are concerned.

Many organizations and people are concerned that Google Glass has the potential for abuse, such as recording private moments and conversations without the other persons’ permission. If someone used a phone, then it would be noticeable and people could just stop whatever they are doing.

People need to know when they are being recorded, except criminals. I know I wouldn’t want a criminal to see if I was recording them because they might attack me.

Now for the bad side of restricting Google Glass:

‘A man who wore Google Glass to a movie theater in Ohio was detained by officials of the Department of Homeland Security over piracy concerns in January. He was later allowed to leave after it was determined that Glass was part of a pair of prescription eye glasses in which the recording function had been turned off.’, according to Computerworld.

Despite the privacy issues, Google Glass has immense potential to help make people’s lives easier by identifying items or even convicted criminals so they can avoid them.

Source: Computerworld.

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