Samsung Adding Irregular Heartbeat Notifications To The Galaxy Watch

Samsung Watch
Samsung Galaxy Watch ECG feature. Image obtained with thanks from Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy watch will gain the ability to notify you if you have an irregular heartbeat, which has the potential to save many lives. It’s the Galaxy 6 watch that will offer this feature, and it will be implemented via Samsung One UI 5 Watch.

The ability to detect abnormal heartbeat patterns is made possible by the electrocardiogram feature (ECG). It will be available via Samsung’s Health Monitor app, and it will now be able to check for irregular patterns (cardiac arrhythmia) in the background because the FDA has cleared it.

A cardiac arrhythmia could be a sign of a serious heart condition, which is why the Apple Watch’s ability to detect it has saved lives. Watches with ECG functionality sometimes detect other conditions in the background such as abnormally low heart rates, or forms of heart failure.