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A man wearing the HP MB Chronowing smartwatch.

The MB Chronowing Looks Exactly Like A Traditional Watch

Gilt Groupe, along with HP and the fashion designer Michael Bastian have created a smartwatch called the MB Chronowing that looks exactly like a traditional analog watch. It is more realistic than the Moto 360 I recently wrote about, however, it isn’t as advanced.

A man wearing the HP MB Chronowing smartwatch.
A model wearing the MB Chronowing.
Image obtained with thanks from Gilt.

The tastefully designed stainless steel MB Chronowing doesn’t have a touch screen, it has only 300 MB of storage, and the screen is monochrome. It does however still have useful features such as the ability to automatically sync to whichever time zone you’re, it can display the status of sporting events such as baseball game scores. you can use it to control music playback, monitor the stock market, and more while maintaining its traditional appearance and displaying the time. Other smartwatches’ apps take over their screens totally ,

Cutting Back On Certain Features In The MB Chronowing May Have Been A Good Idea

Considering the fact that smartwatch interfaces are severely limited, do they need 16 GB of storage, 1 GB of RAM, and multi-core CPUs? Only if manufacturers try to cram video-intensive games and other resource-intensive tasks that are difficult to do on smartwatches. Manufacturers have been cramming as much as they can into smartwatches, and that resulted in expensive watches with a great deal of processing power which still can’t do much.

The Gilt website claims a battery life of a week per charge, and it can still control your Android or iOS device like its competitors with 1-day battery life can. Maybe HP took a step in the right direction?

Taking your phone out of your pocket to text, call, play games, and browse the Internet while using simpler smartwatches like the MB Chronowing as monitors may be the best option for now.

The MB Chronowing goes on sale starting November 7, 2014.

Sources: Mashable and Gilt.

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