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Everykey Unlocks Your Devices And Logs Into Websites

Everykey is a bracelet technology that goes well beyond password manager apps by storing your passwords and using a wireless bracelet as a key. It also aims to unlock anything that uses a physical key and devices such as your phone or computer.

A man wearing the Everykey wristband. Image obtained with thanks from Everykey.
A man wearing the Everykey wristband.
Image obtained with thanks from EveryKey.

The key selling point of this wearable technology is that users can log into everything via secure passwords without forgetting them. At the moment, too many people use excessively simple passwords to log into their services, and that is contributing to the identity theft crisis.

Your name and birth date are unfortunately not secure enough. Black hat hackers have become very advanced, and can crack almost anything now. There are password managers that will enable you to log into all the websites you visit using the same password, but the main disadvantage of that is: stealing that one password can enable criminals to access everything.

EveryKey Security Details

  • Encryption: Everykey uses 128-bit AES encryption. The company claims that even they don’t have access to the user’s encryption keys, which is important because black hat hackers hack into company servers to steal users’ passwords sometimes. This prevents that from happening.
  • Every message this Bluetooth 4.0 device broadcasts is different (making it harder to sniff its transmissions), and the company claims that criminals won’t be able to keep track of  the transmissions or connect to the Everykey at all, as it rejects all unrecognized connections.

If the user’s Everykey wristband is lost, they can have it deactivated.

According to the Kickstarter campaign page:

Everykey was originally a school project in an entrepreneurship class at Case Western Reserve University in September, 2012. After receiving a rave response from our class and our professor, we started developing the product and founded Everykey LLC, a Cleveland, Ohio based company. The CWRU Blackstone LaunchPad and Burton D. Morgan Foundation JumpStart Mentoring Program have helped us grow from an idea into a business. In the summer of 2013, we received The GLIDE Innovation Fund A Grant to help build the technology that’s showcased in the main product video as well as our tech demos.

Everykey supports Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. A step in the right direction! The more operating systems a company supports, the wider their potential customer base will be.

As for convenience, this provides a huge convenience boost to users of smartphones who need to lock their screens with passwords because they pick up their phones many times per day. Entering a password more than 50 times per day is inconvenient.

Credit for all images: Everykey.

Source: Everykey.

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