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Teespring Has Made At Least Ten People Millionaires

Teespring is a company that provides custom-t-shirt manufacturing services. I’m sure you have seen many people manufacture and try to sell t-shirts, but what if you could do it risk free without putting any capital into it?

The founders of Teespring: Evan Stites-Clayton and Walker Williams. Image obtained with thanks from Teespring.
The founders of Teespring: Evan Stites-Clayton and Walker Williams.
Image obtained with thanks from Teespring.

Selling shirts on Teespring simply entails creating an account, designing a shirt (with or without uploading your own graphics) and launching the campaign at the URL you specify. You can start selling t-shirts customized for your fundraising campaign in a matter of minutes.

Creating an enticing set of t-shirts will always be hard, as that is up to you, the designer, but at least you can make your designs a reality and sell them easily without having to scrape up capital.

As the co-founder and CEO Walker Williams said:

‘This isn’t about t-shirts, it’s not about crowd-funding, it’s about the concept that bringing something to market should be as easy as the idea,’

‘All we need is the visionaries with the ideas.’

He added: ‘T-shirts are to Teespring what books are to Amazon. They’re a way of proving this hypothesis that if you remove every barrier, you can empower this type of entrepreneurship.’

When you want to sell t-shirts on other websites, you normally have to go through a more complicated process. You may have to purchase them first, then try to sell them afterwards, this deters many potential entrepreneurs.

According to Forbes:

The two-year-old startup announced Tues. it’s raised $35 million in a Series B round led by Khosla Ventures, with partner Keith Rabois joining the board. Earlier investors and board members include Lars Dalgaard of Andreessen Horowitz and Sam Altman of Y Combinator.

Y Combinator and Andreesen Horowitz have been fostering many startup companies which provide revolutionary new products, such as Boosted Boards, which makes lightweight longboards which you can carry on your back or in one hand, and reddit.

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