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Mitsubishi Debuts The XR-PHEV At The LA Auto Show

Mitsubishi has debuted their new FWD XR-PHEV concept vehicle at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show (LA Auto Show).

Mitsubishi XR-PHEV.
Mitsubishi XR-PHEV. Image obtained with thanks from Mitsubishi.

You’re probably wondering what its electric range is. The two-door crossover can tavel 53 miles per charge if using electricity alone. 53 miles of electric range is substantial for a plug-in hybrid, but it is backed by a three-cylinder 134 BHP (100 kW) gasoline engine. Three cylinders is below-average, however, most 4 cylinder engines don’t produce more HP than this one, so performance will not be an issue.

The ability to travel 53 miles on electricity alone helps it to achieve a fuel efficiency of 65 MPG. This is because vehicles that rely on electricity more tend to be more efficient overall, because the electric motor is always more efficient than the gasoline engine. Combined with the fact that this hybrid can be plugged in, you can actually use it like an all-electric vehicle every day (except for unusually long trips to grandma’s house, etc).

There is another undermentioned quality. The electric motor is 161 BHP (120 kW), which is enough for normal driving in electric mode. Hybrids (including PHEVs) tend to have less powerful electric motors and an electric-mode range of 30 miles (sometimes less). This means you can enjoy the efficiency of an electric vehicle (almost), and the long range of a hybrid.

XR-PHEV Diagram
Image obtained with thanks from Mitsubishi.

The XR-PHEV has modern safety features including a collision response system that will automatically apply the brakes if it senses an impending collision, and headlamps that automatically turn off the high beams when it senses oncoming vehicles, and it switches them back on at full brightness after the obstacles have passed. Manufacturers across the board have been implementing these new features (they just started recently, though).

Source and image credits: Mitsubishi.

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