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My Thoughts On EyeCandy: Episode 3

Last night, I watched the third episode of MTV’s EyeCandy, a show about a tech genius named Lindy, who is being stalked by an extremely elusive criminal that targets his victims on Flirtual. My predominant emotion during episode 3 was fear. I fear for Lindy and her friends even more now because the stalker/killer has been murdering her dates. I’m guessing he’s jealous. He already killed her ex-boyfriend and one of her Flirtual dates (which she suspected may have been the killer). She has been dating and keeping tabs on another man (Jake) who was suspicious, and the police considered him the main suspect.

That changed when she was apparently drugged during her party and carried somewhere to witness her previous date (Reece) get killed right in front of her, while the police held the Australian man. Lindy connected some dots like the genius she is, and discovered an odd thought pattern: The stalker’s desire for ‘perfection’ was revealed when Lindy saw that all his victims (at least those who she thought were his victims) had imperfections which they tried to hide. The stalker gave her a hint by hanging the teeth of one of his victims — Julia in Reece’s apartment. He also left a hint in the form of a list of movies which had the encoded message ‘my perficio’.

Julia hid her teeth because they were crooked, and the killer proceeded to remove them and kill her. It looks as if he even deleted her missing person’s report. He also:

  • Removed another victim’s (Brenda McKenna) breast implants.
  • Burnt Emily Ericsson’s face.
  • Severed Michael Kelly’s fingers — a victim that bit his fingernails often.
  • Gouged out the eyes of Anythony Morgon — a victim that wore coloured contacts.

Apparently, the killer of these victims (who weren’t necessarily the same stalker, but are suspected to be) has been murdering them because they hid their imperfections on Flirtual. As Lindy said: ‘When reality didn’t match up with what the killer saw on Flirtual, he punished them’. I won’t spoil it all for you. You can watch it on MTV.

I really hope that Lindy wrings his neck soon.

As for Jake, he is definitely quite fishy — He showed up at her party even though she didn’t give him her address.

Thank you for reading!

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