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Beatport Invites Beta Testers To New Streaming Service

The electronic music store Beatport has invited beta testers to try out their new free, unlimited music streaming service. On entry, the first thing users might notice is their attempt to promote music discovery further with a large slider of popular artists at the top of the front page, although there are few of them.

The Afrojack artist page on Beatport's new streaming service.
The artist page on Beatport’s new streaming service.

I do appreciate the slider. It is an elegant way to showcase what Beatport has to offer. There are few artists in it, though (5, including a remix at the moment). I would recommend either adding some more artists to it, or load a different set of artists every now and then to avoid slowing the website down with too many slides.

A Suggestion For Beatport

I would recommend that Beatport put one upcoming/hardly known artist in the slider sometimes to help people discover the new ones/gain the artists recognition. I would also recommend slipping in one sponsored artist image in the slider as well. For example: If Oliver Heldens wants to promote himself further, he could pay to have himself added to the slider.

Will Artists Approve Of The Music Streaming Service?

It isn’t easy to get artists on board for live streaming, and it is very difficult to make the traditional live streaming business model work, which is why it is a little surprising that Beatport is allowing free streaming. Other streaming services like Spotify charge a little fee at least. It is hard to determine if artists will be comfortable with the free streaming of their music.

It is likely that Beatport pays them for that, but if artists allow their music videos to be played for free in HD on YouTube, then anything can happen. Some artists’ tracks were available for streaming, while others were not. Calvin Harris’ Fly Eye Records is on it, as well as tracks from Afrojack and Zedd. Hopefully the others can be added in the future.

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