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Polestar Volvos

Volvo Acquires Their Long-Time Partner Polestar

Volvo Cars has purchased Polestar Performance AB, and Polestar Holding AB for an undisclosed sum excluding their racing division. Polestar is a company that tunes cars to improve performance. Polestar AB carries out performance activities, and Polestar Holding AB owns Polestar’s trademarks.

Polestar Volvos
Volvo S60 and V60 Polestar.
Image obtained with thanks from Volvo.

According to Volvo:

‘The Polestar racing team will remain under the control of Christian Dahl, the former owner of Polestar, and will be renamed. The Polestar brand will continue to work alongside Christian Dahl.’

The companies have been working together since 1996, and unsurprisingly, it was in the mid 90s that Volvo really stepped up their performance game (for street cars) with the introduction of the Volvo 850 line. Polestar will eventually start utilizing Volvo’s plug-in hybrid technology to develop high performance cars.

Similar to what Mercedes-Benz did with AMG, Polestar will be used to brand special high performance Volvo models.

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