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Ford Fusion research vehicle (autonomous)

Tesla Autopilot Engineer Now Works At Google

Tesla’s autopilot engineering manager Robert Rose is now working for Google Robotics, according to his LinkedIn profile. Tesla, which recently started offering an autopilot feature in their vehicles has been pushing the concept of autonomous vehicles forward. They’re among the first to offer autopilot functionality in cars.

Ford Fusion research vehicle (autonomous)
Ford Fusion Automated Research Vehicle.
Image Credit: Kompulsa / Nicholas Brown.
Camera: Samsung WB30F.

Google is no stranger to autonomous vehicle technology either. They’ve been successfully operating self-driving cars for some time now, and are probably looking to take their technology to the next level with the help of Mr. Rose.

Google outfitted cars with impressive, effective self-driving technology, and Tesla implemented autopilot (bear in mind that autopilot is not fully self-driving, it just assists the driver) in their cars with a mere software update. If the two put their heads together, great things may come from this move.

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