Designer Makes Nostalgic Game Boy Rendition


The German designer Florian Renner has created a beautiful rendition of a modernized Game Boy handheld console called the Game Boy 1up. While it looks very much like the original Game Boy from 1989 (at least, the colours, controls, and texture), it is much more up-to-date with a wider screen, a micro-USB port, a microphone, and rearranged buttons fit for modern titles.

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Below you can see a demonstration of the controls. Renner made some enhancements to the original controls, but preserved the original’s ergonomics.

Game Boy 1up animation.

This would probably appeal most to people who played (and enjoyed) the original Game Boy handheld, and for nostalgic reasons, so I may be biased. Should Nintendo give this a try? Did you play the original Game Boy? If so, please comment with your thoughts on this console below.

Credit for all images: Florian Renner.

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