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Unveiling of the Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Deliveries Commence On July 28

The first customers will take delivery of the highly anticipated Tesla Model 3 electric car today. The car, one of the first two mass-market EVs with ranges exceeding 200 miles, is priced at $35,000 USD, excluding incentives.

The Chevy Bolt (the other mass-market EV I mentioned) made it to customers’ doorsteps before the Tesla Model 3, however, there is a chance that the Model 3 may outsell it. Chevy Bolt sales have been slow, possibly due to the fact that the U.S. market typically goes for larger vehicles.

This will be Tesla’s very first budget car, but Chevrolet already has years of experience in that field. That being said, Tesla has still made more progress with vehicle electrification in a few years, than Chevy has in the past 15. Notable qualities of the Tesla Model 3 include a 0-60 mph acceleration time under 6 seconds, 215 miles of range per charge (more than enough for the vast majority of trips), seating for 5, and it is supported by Tesla’s Supercharger network.

Tesla’s Supercharger network is equipped with solar panels (some of them, at least), and covers driving in most of the United States (at least for the Tesla Model S vehicles, which can travel approximately 30-50 miles further than the Model 3).

Image obtained with thanks from Tesla Motors.

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