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2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon SUV

The 2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Is Refreshing In A Unique Way

I’m a person that is easily bored by things, so I don’t find most cars particularly appealing. However, I do like quite a few of them. The 2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is one of those cars that might make you turn your head and think: ‘That car looks fun!’. That’s a rare feeling for me. I have never driven this car, so I’m referring primarily to its aesthetic appeal and versatility.

So what makes up for the 2018 Jeep Wrangler’s modest fuel economy ratings (18 MPG City, 23 MPG highway for the 4WD 3.6L model)? The SUV has a ‘wash-out’ interior that enables you to simply hose down its floor, because it has one-way drain valves built in (after removing the carpet, of course).

I hadn’t even heard of such a thing until I saw this vehicle. If I hadn’t seen this and someone said they were rinsing out their car, I’d be puzzled. This feature makes sense, as it is classified as an ‘off-road ready’ vehicle. I always knew jeeps were popular for off-road driving, but didn’t know they had models optimized so aptly for that.

Images obtained with thanks from Jeep.

To add to its other uncommon, but fun qualities: It has a windscreen you can put down, and doors you can remove for off-road driving (but you’ll still have the roof frame to help protect you if it rolls over). Perfect if you want to get smacked in the face by filthy bugs, and your ears splashed full of mud.

I’m joking! It’s more about experiencing your surroundings and enjoying an immersive experience. You can also pull over with your friends and set drinks on the tailgate, which opens out to the side, however, it has a fold-out tray that you can place items on.

That could also be used to provide quick access to tools without leaving the doors open, or disturbing your friend that’s sleeping inside.

Finally, it doesn’t compromise on technology or comfort too much, as it offers the option of Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and SiriusXM infotainment systems, a heated steering wheel, and heated front seats for those cold, moist days.

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