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Ford Mach E - An electric Mustang

Ford Reveals The Mach-E: An Electric Mustang With 370-Mile Range

Ford has revealed an electric version of their Mustang — but this one is designed like a small crossover. There are multiple versions of the car, with the top model offering up to 370 miles of range and add 57 miles of range after 10 minutes of charging. That’s adequate for most people, and is also significantly more than that of the average electric car, and driving longer distances would be tiring!

Performance-wise, it is by no means extreme, but it still reasonable with a 0-60 mph acceleration time of less than 5 seconds. The Tesla Model 3 offers a significantly faster 0-60 mph acceleration time. However, they aren’t the same type of car so it wouldn’t be entirely fair to compare them (the Mustang is a crossover-like design that may be able to accommodate more storage — However I don’t have the details to confirm that yet).

The mustang also offers competitive range. If Ford was trying to prioritize longer range over performance, then they made the right decision — range is more important than acceleration times. In addition to that, the sustenance of power is another factor consider. There is a race in which a Nissan Leaf EV beat a Tesla Model S after driving for about 30 minutes.

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As for the crossover-like design that has replaced many sedans (which I don’t personally appreciate) — if it helps to get people out of bigger SUV’s, it may just be worth it! Many people used to drive massive, expensive gas guzzlers before crossovers caught on like they have today. Crossovers balance cargo room with fuel economy (or electricity usage in this case).

Will Ford’s Fanbase Accept An Electric Mustang?

The question of whether Ford’s muscle car fans would accept an electric Mustang is not one that should be ignored. However, people do adjust over time and become accustomed to new technology — especially if it doesn’t compromise on the user experience. This is not the fastest Mustang ever made by a long shot, but it’s still decent (and a step in the right direction). It is necessary to phase out fossil-fueled cars, and no one said the phase-out would be easy! it’s estimated price range will be $44,000 to $60,000.

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