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Linux Foundation Releases Open Source Acumos AI Platform

The Linux Foundation has released Acumos, an open source platform and framework aimed at making artificial intelligence and machine learning technology more accessible to everyone.

The Acumos framework converges and standardizes popular AI and machine learning tool kits such as TensorFlow and Scikit-learn. TensorFlow is an open source machine learning framework for the construction of your own machine learning algorithms, and Scikit-learn is a Python library that provides off-the-shelf machine learning algorithms.

Machine learning is a powerful concept, as it can be used to ‘comprehend’ and find clues in large amounts of data that humans can’t process efficiently or economically if done manually (either with a pen and paper or by typing out countless database queries and trying to connect all the dots yourself).

Therefore, increasing the accessibility of machine learning has the potential to increase the adoption of it significantly, and help numerous companies and medical/other research organizations solve more problems with less money.

That could translate to better drugs, better solar panels, better batteries, and the list goes on, and sooner, as more people will be able to get into machine learning with less effort.

Acumos came from the LF Deep Learning Foundation, which is a subsidiary of the Linux Foundation, and is one of the now many projects that the Linux Foundation maintains, including Linux.

This framework also provides Docker functionality to help data scientists deploy software to environments such as public clouds, as well as microservices on the Acumos market place (for example: ATT Face Detect).

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