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From Prototype to Profit: How to Turn Your Ideas into Products

Each year, over 2 million inventors file patents to protect their ideas and creations. Taking an invention from concept to completion can be extremely difficult.

Often times, inventors will use rapid prototype manufacturing to get a working model of their design. This prototype is generally used to inform prospective investors or even consumers about an upcoming product or device.

Do you have an invention that you want to take mainstream? If so, check out these helpful tips on how to turn your ideas into actual products.

Start By Documenting Everything

Having an “idea” means nothing unless you have adequate documentation that you actually came up with the product or device in question. Taking the time to write down every detail about your new invention can be quite beneficial.

The main thing you need to do once you have detailed drawings of your invention is to apply for a patent. Some inexperienced inventors think they can use a “poor man’s patent” to protect their ideas.

In short, the idea behind a “poor man’s patent” is that an inventor can write their idea down on a piece of paper and mail it to themselves with a date stamp to prove they actually came up with the invention.

The fact is that this method is highly unreliable and will probably not hold up in court. Working with a professional who is familiar with the patent filing process is the only way to ensure this process is handled correctly.

Getting a Prototype Built

Putting into practice all of the sketches and notes you have made in your inventor’s journal is essential when trying to turn an idea into an actual product. Working with professionals who have experience in the building of prototypes can be quite helpful.

The main mistake you need to avoid is making a prototype of your product or device before you have filed for a patent. Doing this may lead to the design being stolen by someone else. Once you have a physical prototype in your hand, you can easily find flaws in your design.

While perfecting your invention design will take time, it is well worth the effort invested.

Work on Marketing Your Invention

For most inventors, finding investors to help them bring their products to market is important. Unless you have a lot of money of your own to offer up, you will need to seek out the assistance venture capitalists and angel investors to get to the next level. Before going in to meet with these investors, you need to take some time to perfect your presentation.

Without proper preparation, you will probably make a number of mistakes when trying to pitch your products. Most investors have a very limited amount of time to offer you, which is why getting to the point is a must. You also need to prepare yourself for rejection before meeting with these investors. Just remember that it only takes one investor with a passion for your invention to get it to market.

Before selecting a prototype builder, get an idea of what type of experience they have. Usually, these builders will have a portfolio of previous work they can show you.

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