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An Introduction to Electronic Drum Sets

Always wanted to play the drums but worried about alienating your neighbors or housemates? Electronic drum sets can provide a great way around this conundrum. in 2020, there are so many options online for you to choose from that the fear of being noisy is no longer an excuse.

You can check out the best e-drum reviewed here, but in this article we’ll run you through some of the basics of how to find the perfect e-drum kit for your needs.

New features

So what are the newest and most exciting features offered by e-drum sets?

For one thing, much like the Airpods now seen everywhere, Bluetooth has also transformed this market and appears to be here to stay. Bluetooth enabled kits are now often seen, allowing a far more seamless playing experience, closer to replicating the freedom of playing on an acoustic drum kit.

Another great advantage of playing on an e-drum kit is in the recording systems now built into many models. The ability to record yourself within the kit simplifies life greatly and allows you to start recording at any time.

Advantages to e-drum kits

Learning Made Easy

An obvious way that e-drum kits can stand out from their acoustic siblings is their ability to teach you. E-drum kits can be programmed to provide lessons, which may allow you to save money on a teacher.


You’ll likely be asking at this point, how much will an e-drum kit set me back? Normally, electric drum kits range from $500-$10,000. However, it’s possible to bring one home that’s a quality product on the lower end of that price spectrum.


When it comes to choosing the material your e-drum set is constructed with, it all comes down to your priorities. A rubber kit will create quieter contact with sticks if you are all about keeping a low profile. However, many people say that other materials come closer to the feeling of playing on an acoustic drum kit if you are hoping to replicate this sound. It is worth trying multiple options in the flesh if you can to see what suits you best.

Also be sure to look for high-quality materials that reviews say will stand up over time. A lengthy warranty can show the confidence of the manufacturer.

How do they work?

Alongside all the practicalities you may also be wondering how an electronic drum kit works.

Sensors are placed under the rubber or mesh pad. When your stick makes contact, a voltage signal is sent to the central sound module. This signal is translated to a volume of sound corresponding with the speed that the pad is hit at.

Some pads can come with two or even three sensors beneath the pad. The advantage of this is the ability to produce different sounds based on where you strike it.

Some recommendations

We’ll now give you a quick run through on some of the best models out there that you can find in the review above:

Roland TD-17KVX-S V-Compact Drum Set

This kit is ideal for beginners – many features are designed with them in mind. We found the thin Hi-Hat made controlling the force you apply a breeze. The drum pad’s soft rubber coating also worked well to minimize noise if this is a concern.

It also features Bluetooth and recording features we mentioned earlier. Setting it aside from a traditional drum kit, the coach mode also monitors technique, progress and motivates you to improve.

Yamaha DTX720K Electronic Drum Set

A trusted name in the world of instruments, Yamaha’s DTX720K is programmed with almost 1400 sounds. This clearly gives it a customizability unique to this style of instrument. Many of these sounds are shared with their commended MOTIF XF synthesizer. This kit also works with an app that allows you to further tweak sounds.

The hi-hat and cymbals on this kit is also capable of switching between open and closed sounds, making playing on it in an incredibly realistic experience.

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