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BMW X7 SUV/luxury car

BMW Unveils Their Largest SUV Yet: The BMW X7

BMW has unveiled their upcoming SUV — the X7, and it is the German automaker’s largest SUV yet. The BMW X7’s large chassis is complimented by a large kidney grille, and a powerful engine to propel the new flagship SUV briskly.

The 2019 BMW X7 has a 3.0L inline-6 turbo engine option (xDrive40i) that is 335 HP (with 330 lb-feet of torque) and a 456 HP 4.4L V8 with 479 lb-feet of torque (this is the xDrive50i version). Perfect for those 200 mph road trips with the kids….I mean perfect for family outings!

Fun fact: Torque is the force that provides that thrill you get during acceleration! How torque works.

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The X7 comes at a time when oil and (hence) gasoline prices are high, but also at a time when fuel-efficient powertrain technology is at its best (and turbochargers are wringing more power out of smaller, more efficient engines, but it isn’t yet known if the X7 powertrains are turbocharged or naturally aspirated). Large SUVs like these are desired for their cargo room, more rows of seats (3 in the case of the X7), among other conveniences, but they still cost a hell of a lot more than their smaller counterparts. The BMW X7 xDrive40i is expected to cost $74,895 USD and $93,595 for the xDrive50i model.

The X7 does enhance the SUV experience with the incorporation of a large panoramic roof, which in this case means almost the entire roof of the car is transparent, so it feels open. You’ll have a superb view for those scenic country road trips. On a hot sunny day, however, I don’t know how it would feel. Hopefully it has a shade you can draw to block out the sun on hot days (and it most likely does).

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