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Audi A8 luxury car.

Why the Audi A8 Is Leading the Way for Luxury Vehicles in 2019

If you’re an Audi enthusiast, you already know how this brand combines luxury, technology, and engineering – arguably with a better balance of the three than any other automaker.

So it’s only natural to have high hopes for the A8’s redesign in the 2019 model year. And as per usual, Audi delivers. It may even lead the way for other luxury vehicles in 2019.

The new A8 model will only be available in a long-wheelbase form that’s 5.1-inches longer than the regular A8 wheelbase model. As you might expect, the exterior features a large hexagonal grille with sharp body creases that follow the car’s silhouette. Inside, the 2019 Audi A8 follows the same minimalistic design that this luxury brand has become known for.

Driving Technology

Driving technology is one of the biggest reasons we’re looking to the A8 to lead the way for all other luxury sedans in this model year.

This sedan will be among the first Level 3 automated driving vehicles to hit the market, and that’s kind of a big deal. This car can essentially drive itself on the highway with little input from the driver. If the driver needs to take the wheel, they’ll be prompted with an audible warning and about 10 seconds of notice.

This car can park itself in any number of conditions, including parallel and perpendicular spots without any driver skill involved.

And although these features are exciting, this is a good time to note that not all states allow vehicles to drive themselves, so check your local laws before you get too pumped.

The new A8 also has an automatic suspension feature where the vehicle scans the roads for imperfections and then adjusts the suspension accordingly.

In place of the current interior MMI dial controller, the 2019 Audi A8 uses a pair of large touchscreens at the center stack. The lower touchscreen system controls the climate while the upper touchscreen handles everything else.

Standard features

As you’d certainly expect from a vehicle of this caliber, there are many features that come standard. This sedan comes standard with heated 18-way power front seats, nappa leather throughout, power tilt and telescopic steering column with memory, a right-rear reclining seat with a remote for customizing rear seating and more.

Mild Hybrid System

In 2019, we get a peek at Audi’s new mild hybrid system (MHEV). This system is designed to enhance the vehicle’s 3.0-liter turbo engine.

US specs put this engine at 335 horsepower with 368 pound-feet of torque sent through a standard 8-speed automatic transmission and wheels (Quattro).

Regenerative breaking powers a smoother and more aggressive stop-start system that saves fuel when shutting down.

All models are using the MHEV system, but there are more engines to come, including some V8 models that are expected to hit the market sometime next year. Under development are EV and plug-in hybrids in addition to a 550hp S8 (or at least, that’s the rumor).

Fuel economy

We can expect to see the A8 averaging 19 miles per gallon in the city and 29 miles on the highway, which is on par with the 2018 6-cylinder model.

Although the 2019 A8 isn’t the only luxury sedan to hit the market in this price range, it may be the most exciting (especially if you’re an Audi enthusiast to begin with).

An upgraded interior with impressive infotainment and climate control systems along with being among the first almost fully self-driving vehicles on the market make the 2019 A8 an important introduction. We’ll be watching to see how luxury vehicles that follow stack up.

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