Android Q Might Be Able To Block Unknown Numbers/Offer Usage-Based Permissions

An Android smartphone.
An Android phone. Image obtained with thanks from Alok Sharma.

There was a leak in the XDA Developers forum suggesting that Android Q may come with substantial privacy enhancements, among other things in favour of user control. One of which is the ability to enable location-based services for apps only when in use, as well as the ability to block unknown numbers.

These features haven’t been confirmed, but if they’re real they would have a big impact on two things: Sneaky apps that track your location when you’re not using them, and aggressive spammers that hide their numbers so you can’t block them.

This way, you could enjoy the benefits of location-based services without having to let apps track you all the time. A nice balance for privacy-conscious users. As for those annoying spammers that hide their number so they can keep spamming you out of nowhere: the ability to block unknown numbers is key.

There may also be a new ‘Financial Apps SMS Access’ permission.