Sudbury Purchases Fleet Of Teslas For Paramedic Use

Tesla Model 3 electric car
A red Tesla Model 3. Image obtained with thanks from Tesla.

Sudbury, a city in Ontario, Canada has purchased four Tesla electric vehicles to add to their fleet of paramedic vehicles. The Tesla Model 3 vehicles are a semi-affordable way to add zero-emissions vehicles to their fleet and reduce overall emissions.

Another noteworthy benefit of this decision is the fact that the vehicles are both small and extremely fast, which is ideal for a vehicle that needs to cut through traffic and reach hospitals as quickly as possible. However, the cars’ use will be limited to non-emergency calls for now.

On a more positive note, the city does have some hybrid ambulances with more on the way. Sudbury currently has 20 hybrid vehicles in its fleet. Electric vehicles should save Sudbury money on fuel, and hopefully on maintenance due to the mechanical simplicity of electric vehicles.