Simplex Now Lets You Buy Cardano (ADA) With Your Credit Card

Ripple/XRP coin rendition
Ripple (XRP) coin symbol on-screen among piles of Ripple coins. Image credit: artmagination/

The cryptocurrency purchasing service/exchange Simplex has now implemented the ability to purchase Cardano (ADA) tokens with your debit, credit card, or Apple Pay. In some cases (depending on the availability of exchanges in your area), purchasing cryptocurrency entails buying Bitcoin, and then using the Bitcoin on other exchanges to buy lesser-known cryptocurrencies such as ADA.

By lesser-known, i’m referring to anything that isn’t Bitcoin or Ethereum. Simplex has long provided a gateway for people to purchase cryptocurrencies with their debit and credit cards, which is something that is needed as long as the vast majority of people are still not paid with cryptocurrency. This move will help ADA to grow and reach a wider audience as it rolls out its smart contract functionality and other features.