Wednesday, April 14, 2021
An artist's rendition of a safe

Cryptocurrency Staking: An Introduction For Beginners

How cryptocurrency staking works, how it can generate an income, and the benefits of cryptocurrency staking vs mining.
3D rendering of a network over planet Earth

LinkedIn: Blockchain Is The Most In-Demand Hard Skill

I have had my eye on blockchain for a few years, and came across a number of articles claiming that blockchain is a farce and that it doesn't provide any benefits...
Illustration of a relational database

Chromia Incorporates Relational Databases Into Blockchain

Chromia is a relational blockchain platform designed with performance and scalability in mind. It checks all the boxes required for mass adoption, including letting dApps pay fees so that users don’t...
Cryptocurrency Coins

What Is Crypto Mining Malware?

Mining malware has been on the rise and more hackers discover that they can make money easily by mining cryptocurrencies. Mining cryptocurrencies is not a no-brainer for everyone because it costs...
EOS performance chart

EOS 2.0 Announced With Multi-threading And EOS VM JIT Compiler

EOS.IO 2.0 has been released. The latest version of the blockchain development platform now has EOS VM, multi-threading support in net_plugin, and more.

Blockchain Development: How to Write an EOS Hello World Smart Contract

If you're not familiar with EOS, it's a smart contract platform similar to Ethereum.  In this tutorial we'll be deploying a hello world smart contract to your own local EOS test...
Coins on a computer

Bitcoin Users: Don’t Miss This Security Tip

If you intend to use Bitcoin on your computer, smartphone, or even on a bunch of other devices, you can substantially reduce the risk of losing it all to theft by...
Solid-state drive installation

How To Recover Lost Bitcoins: A Cryptocurrency Recovery Guide

Cryptocurrency wallets typically store your wallet keys in a file on your hard drive. If you can't access your Bitcoins, consider the following Bitcoin wallet recovery options before giving up hope: ...