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Ford Debuts Electric F-150 Pickup Truck

Ford Motor Company has debuted the electric version of its new F-150 pickup truck. The truck, dubbed the F-150 Lightning is a redesigned battery electric vehicle (BEV) that takes advantage of its electric powertrain and storage in multiple ways.

The new F-150 has a front trunk (often called a ‘frunk’), and it can power your home during an outage via ten 120V outlets and one 240V outlet — an idea that has been floating around in the electric vehicle community for years. As is the case with many electric vehicles, this truck provides an abundance of torque — 775 pound-feet to be exact. This amount of torque hauls it from 0 to 60 MPH in only 4.5 seconds.

That’s impressive for a pickup truck, and it outperforms most cars too. The overall power output of the F-150 Lightning is 563 HP if you purchase it with the largest battery option. That battery option also provides up to 300 miles of range per charge. The smallest battery option provides 230 miles of range and 426 HP.

I do think that it would have been smart for Ford to offer an option with 400-mile range as well. It would be more expensive, but its likely that some customers will want that option. Nevertheless, the F-150 Lightning will have a significant impact on the electric vehicle industry, as the F-150 is such a popular line of pickup trucks. The price range of the F-150 Lightning will be just under $40,000 to $90,000.

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