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Unreal Finance: Big Backers Helping to Bring Yield Futures to the $32B DeFi Lending Space

Yield futures platform Unreal Finance recently announced that they’ve raised a total of $2.7 million from a plethora of industry heavyweight backers and venture capitalists. While this amount is impressive enough, the details of the backers who have selected Unreal Finance as a candidate for investment and guidance from their fund is definitely noteworthy. 

Evaluating new projects for their potential ROI isn’t easy, but one element that can help determine if they’re worthy of investment is looking at whether smart money bought before you.

In the case of Unreal, they did! Here’s a list of a few institutional investors who think Unreal Finance may be here to stay:

  • AU21 : AU21 Capital was founded by Chandler Guo and Kenzi Wang in 2017 with the mission of backing the most promising blockchain entrepreneurs and providing founders with resources and connections to succeed.
  • X21: X21 Digital is a blockchain advisory and investment firm dedicated to helping blockchain startups accelerate their growth and increase exposure in the industry. They focus on providing optimal strategic advice and guidance to help put their clients on an express route to success.
  • Block Sync Ventures: Blocksync Ventures is a venture capital firm focusing exclusively on decentralized ledger technology. They strive to be the catalyst for widespread adoption of disruptive innovation.
  • GBV: GBV believes in teams. Their philosophy is that crypto is about constant iteration and staying in touch with the community. They believe that a strong management team is the clearest indicator of future success. GBV evaluates teams on grit and resiliency to help them determine which teams are most likely to keep up with the pace of innovation that crypto demands.
  • Magnus Capital: Magnus Capital has been investing in the digital assets space since 2017. They strongly believe that digital assets, and DeFi applications in particular, will play a critical role in future digital economies. Magnus seeks to invest in and work with only the brightest and best developers. 
  • MW Partners: MW Partners invests in founders who are passionate enough to lead and inspire change. They look for founders who are able to build solid, integrative solutions that will accelerate blockchain adoption; that is, founders who become game-changers.
  • Spark Digital: Spark is a research-focused crypto fund that invests in the future of blockchain and technology. 
  • 3Commas: 3Commas Capital is a trading platform that has been enabling the exchange of assets on crypto market exchanges since 2017.
  • DeFi Omega: DeFi Omega encompasses some of the most important people in the crypto space. From prominent public figures and popular influencers to CEOs of highly-revered crypto projects, fund managers, and even owners of some of the most well-known crypto websites in existence.
  • Black Edge Capital: Black Edge incubates, funds, and launches blockchain projects from start to finish.
  • OP Crypto: OP Crypto aims to invest in revolutionary founders who are building game changing business models in the crypto space. Their deep understanding of both of the eastern and western markets in addition to their experience with both CeFi and Defi puts OP Crypto in a unique position to evaluate and understand different projects at an international scale.
  • Triblock: Triblock invests in blockchain and business development consultants. 
  • BlockPact: BlockPact aims to be a catalyst in blockchain consulting. Put simply, they’re a one-stop-shop to help build out projects from whatever stage they’re in to the next one. They focus on the emerging technology sector

Just that preliminary dive into some of the major players who are backing Unreal Finance should be encouraging for retail investors who are potentially interested in their upcoming IDO. Equally promising is how novel and untapped the core concept behind Unreal is.

Having the ability to tokenize your future yield and realize it in the present or trade it to speculate on future rates is a powerful tool — one that traders and investors alike are likely to utilize to take advantage of the compounding effects that before Unreal could only be dreamt of.

The industry needs revolutionary new financial engineering to sustain the influx of new capital into DeFi. The Unreal protocol promises to deliver a revolution in the way we view yield, and with heavyweight backers like these, Unreal is certainly one to watch.

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