The Tesla Model 3 Is Now The Best Selling Vehicle In The U.K.

Tesla Model 3 electric car
A red Tesla Model 3. Image obtained with thanks from Tesla.

Overall, the Tesla Model 3 is now the best selling vehicle in the United Kingdom. Not the best selling EV or best selling sedan, but the best selling vehicle. Sales of the Tesla Model 3, which have increased 9.5% since June 2020 reached 5,468 units. Overall U.K. automobile sales in June were 186,000 units.

This has helped bring the U.K.’s share of plug-in vehicles to 17.2% in June. However, their year-to-date share is currently 14.5%. The United Kingdom’s decision to phase out non-plugin vehicles by 2030 is likely to drive a significant increase in that market share. This is likely due to the fact that electric vehicles have become practical for the vast majority of people. There are even long-range models.

It appears that the U.K.’s decision was probably affected somewhat by the fact that the country is already adopting electric vehicles on a significant scale — indicating that the British want EVs anyway. The United Kingdom is now on track to join Norway as a major adopter of electric vehicles.

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