Audacity Starts Collecting/Sharing Data

A band recording music in a studio
A band recording a song in a studio. Image credit: LightField Studios/

The popular Audacity music editing app for Windows, Linux and Mac OS, which was acquired by Muse Group has uploaded a new privacy policy that is considered by some to be…audacious? The policy mentions that data will be collected from users and shared with their offices in multiple countries, including WSM Group in Russia. Russia already has aggressively Orwellian surveillance laws that effectively outlaw all privacy, so that isn’t comforting.

To add to that, children under 13 are no longer allowed to use Audacity (possibly due to their privacy policy). Another unusual part of the privacy policy is that data may be collected for ‘law enforcement, litigation, and authorities’ requests’ on the grounds of ‘Legitimate interest of WSM Group to defend its legal rights and interests’. I’m wondering how much data they would have to collect from a music editing app to do that?

That row is vague and doesn’t state which data may be collecting for such reasons, raising concerns among privacy advocates.

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