Apple Blocks Apps From Circumventing Customers’ Anti-Tracking Settings

Eye on computer chip
Rendition of an eye on an integrated circuit. Image credit: Skorzewiak via Bigstock.

Apple has reportedly caught some app vendors trying to circumvent customers’ anti-tracking settings via a tracking system called CAID. Apple blocked updates that implemented CAID. CAID is an system that allows participating app vendors to track users’ activity across apps, even if they declined permission to be tracked on their iPhones.

It was introduced by the China Advertising Association and China Academy of Information and Communications Technology. TikTok’s parent company ByteDance mentioned CAID as an alternative to Apple’s ATT-regulated IDFA tracking system. CAID may fall apart and lose support if Apple continues to enforce this policy, which is really just to enforce their customers’ decision to not be tracked.

This isn’t surprising, considering that CAID is designed to ignore iPhone users’ requests to not be tracked. Do you believe that people have the right to say no to being tracked? Let me know in the comments.