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Microsoft Reveals Windows 365, Which Can Be Used On Any Device

Microsoft has revealed a cloud-based version of their Windows operating system (OS) called Windows 365, and it can run on any device — even a tablet on a different platform such as an iPad. This could be a response to the growth of Windows’ largest competitors — Mac OS and Linux. The reasons to use Windows have been dwindling partly due to cloud services working on all platforms. This is especially the case for web apps such as Google Docs and Google Sheets.

Google saw early on that collaborative, cloud-based editing was the way to go because it breaks down platform barriers. Offering it for free was another brilliant step that helped propel it to mainstream adoption. Prior to the Google Docs/Sheets takeover, Microsoft Office was a significant perk of using Windows. Now add the fact that game developers and vendors such as NVidia, Valve (makers of the Steam app), among others are improving cross-platform support for games and even offering cloud-based multi-platform gaming in some cases.

Access to the most popular games has required Windows for many years, and now that’s changing — reducing the number of apps that require Windows. Consumers have been attracted to the improved stability and security offered by Linux and Mac OS in recent years, especially app developers, video editors, and other power users. Windows 365 is a smart move because people won’t have to choose between dumping it or dumping Linux/Mac OS anymore. They can just have both.

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