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YouTube Premium Members Can Get Stadia Pro Free For 3 Months

Google has been promoting the YouTube Premium service as an alternative to the free version of YouTube, which is plagued by frequent advertisements and the inability to play songs in the background. Google Stadia Pro is another upcoming cloud service from Google that allows people to play resource-intensive video games from any device, even if the device has limited processing power or a cheap GPU. This increases the accessibility of high-end video games to everyday people. However, it does require a high-speed Internet connection — something that not everyone has. Now Google is offering Stadia Pro to YouTube Premium subscribers free for 3 months to help bolster adoption of the cloud-based gaming service.

Prior to that, Google Stadia has garnered users, but it hasn’t exactly blown up and phased out native or offline gaming. Cloud services in general have long promised to let you do more with lower-power devices. However, they often attract significant recurring expenses (for example: A high speed Internet connection plus a subscription fee). They also still require significant computing resources in many cases because a portion of cloud-based apps usually runs in the user’s browser (that means it’s using your computer or phone’s processor). Another benefit offered by cloud services like Stadia is the ability to play your favourite games from any device, instead of being limited to your PC.

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