Google Fi Now Offering Phone Discounts For Returning Fi Customers

Network switch in a data center
Network cable in switch and firewall in cloud computing data center server rack. Image credit: kenny001 via Bigstock.

Google Fi — a high-speed fiber optic Internet service has expanded its discounts to some returning customers. Normally, if you are a first-time user of Google Fi you can get a discount on a new Google Pixel phone. However, the new policy makes you eligible for the discount even if you have tried Fi more than 6 months ago. The steep phone discounts (even 80% in some cases) are offered for phones including but not limited to the Google Pixel series, Samsung Galaxy phones, and Motorola phones designed for Google Fi as shown on their website.

This strategy is an effective way to rake in customers while providing them with the opportunity to get premium phones at low prices. It also provides an easy way for customers to discover phones that are designed to work with Google Fi.

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