Starlink Satellite Internet Service Lifts 1TB Data Usage Cap

3D rendering of a network over planet Earth
Image credit: Rost-9/

Starlink, a growing low-Earth orbit satellite Internet service has lifted the policy imposing a 1TB data usage cap on customers. Under that policy, customers would have been charged overage fees for exceeding 1 TB of data usage, or more specifically ‘priority data access’ per month for residential customers.

This means that residential customers now have unlimited data access without being ‘deprioritized’ or charged overage fees, which is only fair. Customers are already paying a significant amount of money for Starlink plans, and they shouldn’t be charged extra fees for using the service that they paid for.

Many users would also have fallen into the overage category, considering the size of modern video games, frequent large updates in the order of gigabytes, and the amount of HD and 4K streaming people have been doing.

Priority access starts at $250/month, while standard costs $90-$120 per month depending on how much capacity is available in your area.