HTT Wants A Hyperloop Running In 3 Years


The startup company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) wants to get a hyperloop evacuated-tube transit system up and running in a maximum of 3 years. It will transport capsules containing 28 people each at speeds up to 760 MPH. Other evacuated-tube transport technologies have been deemed ridiculous by critics, and impressive by others. It’s hard to tell if it will succeed, but one thing is certain — Researchers will learn from it.

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Does It Need To Be This Fast?

The ability to travel at 760 MPH is very convenient. However, vehicles built for higher speeds tend to cost more than lower speed ones. While ambition is a great thing which pushes society forward (it got man to the moon, and motivated NASA to develop impressive technologies), maybe a lower speed version of it would be less likely to fail. A lower speed version would cost less as well. I would aim for 300 MPH instead of 760 for the first one, then aim for higher speeds after working the bugs out.

Source: Mashable.

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