Samsung Galaxy S22 Case Lets You Turn Off Cameras, Mics, And More

Samsung Galaxy S5 Android phone.
The Samsung Galaxy S5. Camera: Samsung WB30F.

A new privacy case for the Samsung Galaxy S22 offers users the option to disable cameras, microphones, and radios/connectivity at the hardware level to address spyware. This case — the Privoro SafeCase is useful for privacy conscious people who want to level up their privacy controls, as well as journalists,  protesters, and companies who need to protect their data from prying eyes.

The phone case is made by the U.S.-based company Privoro in collaboration with Samsung, and it communicates with the phones internal Hardware Device Manager (HDM) to disable connectivity devices, camera, and microphone so that even the OS can’t access them. The case communicates with the phones HDM using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. This enables Bluetooth communication with impressively low energy usage.