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Neptune Duo Smartwatch Technology Goes Against The Grain

How many times have you lost your phone? That answer is likely to be too many times. Even one time is too many for something that contains such a large amount of personal information, costs plenty of money, and takes a fair amount of time to set up. Normally, a smartwatch user has a smartphone which stores their data and settings, while the smartwatch accesses it, displays notifications, and a few other things.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9LyQmADrS4′]

Video Credit: Neptune Duo.

The smartwatch is the less advanced, cheaper technology which stays on your wrist (in most cases), while the more expensive smartphone is far more likely to get lost, along with your personal data. The Neptune Duo’s technology is a bit different — It is a smartwatch and ‘pocket screen’ combination, but the smartwatch stores your data, while the ‘pocket screen’ simply accesses it. In other words, Neptune switched the devices’ roles around and stuffed the expensive technology into the smartwatch instead.

Compared to smartphones, smartwatches are expensive for what they can do. Smaller devices tend to cost more, and offer less features, less power, less storage capacity, less room for batteries, and more. So now the Neptune Duo idea might not sound quite as brilliant to you. However, Neptune made it work. The Neptune Duo smartwatch contains a quad-core processor (unfortunately, their website didn’t state the clock speed per core). Neptune also claims a battery life of a few days per charge.

Another Smart Idea – The Neptune Duo Pocket Screen Doubles As A Battery

Today, if you wanted to extend the battery capacity of your smartwatch/smartphone, you would end up walking around with three devices: The smartphone, the smartwatch, and a USB battery pack. The pocket screen has that battery pack built into it so you only need to carry two devices.

The Neptune Duo costs $498 if you pledge now.

Source: Mashable.

Thumbnail obtained with thanks from Neptune.

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