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Google Launches Brilliant Tablet + Home Assistant Combo

Google has launched the new Pixel Tablet with an 11 inch screen and an included charging dock that includes a built-in speaker for $499.

Instead of simply selling a tablet, a Home assistant, and a separate charger like many manufacturers do, Google decided to make it more functional and convenient by designing the speaker so that it both charges the tablet, but it also serves as its dock. This keeps the tablet neatly propped up with a speaker and power source ready for video calls, watching videos, listening to music, controlling the smart appliances in your home, and more.

You would normally have to purchase a third-party dock or a case to hold the tablet upright, purchase a Google Home assistant/speaker and plug it in, and then plug in the tablet separately whenever it needs to charge. All of that inconvenience has been eliminated by this new design.

Google realized that a personal assistant should have a screen, and they’ll likely see many sales because of it. The wall charger is still not included. However, including a neatly integrated speaker, dock, and charging stand for $499 is reasonable.

This Pixel Tablet is equipped with an ‘AI-centric’ Tensor G2 chipset/processor, which is most likely part of Google’s broader rollout of AI products and services.

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