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Huawei watch that can monitor blood glucose

Huawei Watch 4 Can Check Blood Glucose

Huawei’s latest watch — the Huawei Watch 4 will be equipped with blood glucose monitoring capabilities. The smartwatch, which will be launched in China on May 18 will be the first watch from a major manufacturer to offer glucose monitoring.

The glucose monitoring feature could be useful in a variety of ways. It could warn someone who was previously healthy that their blood glucose is now high and encourage them to see a doctor/get tested. A person could also discover it sooner if their blood sugar levels spike or fall outside of their normal range. Traditional blood glucose monitoring can be done using wearable machines called continuous glucose monitors.

The disadvantages include that they are extremely expensive and you’d have to insert the sensor under your skin. The cheaper alternative (excluding the cost of the test strips you’ll have to keep buying) is an external monitor that you use with test strips. You’ll have to prick yourself with a lancet to extract blood for these monitors and then treat the resulting wound.

The Huawei Watch 4’s glucose monitoring feature is currently only available to people who will participate in a glucose research program, and is not available to people under 18, with type 1 diabetes, gestational diabetes, or other ‘special types of diabetes’.

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