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Apple Introduces Journaling And Health Features At WWDC 2023

Apple introduced new features and improvements for devices during the 2023 Worldwide Developers Conference, many of which were health related.

The Health App Is Now Optimized For The iPad

The iPad’s health app has been improved to better utilize the iPad’s large screen. This will result in more detailed health information shown in the dashboard, less scrolling, and a more polished user experience.

Journal Your Thoughts, Experiences And Add Photos To Them

The new Journal app for iPhones enables you to write down your thoughts or experiences you’ve had and add related photos. This results in richer, more vivid journal entries. The journal app will also make suggestions for journal entries that could potentially save a little time and effort.

Logging Emotions

You will be able to use the Apple Watch’s Mindfulness app to note how you’re currently feeling, which may be useful over time if you are trying to pinpoint patterns or what makes you feel a certain way.

Screen Distance To Prevent Myopia

The iPad will soon start warning you if you are too close to the screen to reduce your risk of developing myopia. This feature uses the TrueDepth camera to determine if your iPad is closer than 12 inches from your face.

Adaptive Audio And Improve Noise Cancellation With The AirPods Pro 2

The AirPods Pro 2 will have an improved ability to block out unwanted noise while you move past various noise sources using Adaptive Audio.

Custom Plans In Apple Fitness+

You will be able to build custom fitness plans for workouts and meditation if you have an Apple Fitness+ subscription.

Privacy Notice

While Apple’s privacy policy for their health apps is promising, it is important to bear in mind that your health data is valuable and can be used against you. Privacy policies can also change. I’d recommend storing your health data offline (disabling the option to upload those apps’ data to iCloud in your iCloud settings).

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