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Apple Working To Make Vision Pro Smaller, More Comfortable

Following the announcement of their Vision Pro headset and the feedback it received, Apple is working on the next version of it. The next version of the Apple Vision Pro headset aims to be lighter, smaller, and more comfortable than the current iteration.

The Apple Vision Pro debuted at a price of $3,500, leaving viewers stunned and puzzled. That price makes the Vision Pro impractical for the majority of customers. However, Apple has released extremely expensive products that led to successful mass-market products. For example: The Lisa computer led to successful computers offered at a much lower cost. The Lisa’s successors inherited the qualities that put it ahead of its time (1983).

The Vision Pro may not be as ground breaking as the Lisa. However, it is a powerful headset which may help Apple engineers gain an idea of which features and characteristics customers do and don’t like about it. Most importantly, some of the features introduced in the Vision Pro will trickle down into future affordable headsets.

It’s also likely that features in the current Vision Pro that don’t appeal to customers will be removed in future versions, cutting costs. Apple may also address the inability of customers to install their own prescription lenses after purchase. For now, the Vision Pro will be sold with customers’ lenses preinstalled. To summarize, the Vision Pro is most likely an experiment that will lead to a more affordable headset.

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