Monday, November 23, 2020
Phone and a credit card

Understanding Android Permissions: An Android Security Guide

Android phones have privileges and permissions that control which areas of your phone a given app can access. There are permissions that you -- the user can turn off, and there...
Smartphone with a lock and key on it

Is It Safe To Copy And Paste Passwords?

A password is something that you don't want to lose. You also don't want hackers to get access to it. How do you prevent a hacker from stealing your password? The...

How To Free Space On Your Android Phone

Running out of space is still a common issue for Android phones, especially models that have little storage capacity. To add insult to injury, your ability to move apps or app...
An artist's rendition of a safe

Cryptocurrency Staking: An Introduction For Beginners

How cryptocurrency staking works, how it can generate an income, and the benefits of cryptocurrency staking vs mining.
Screenshot of Session messenger

Session Messenger Bolsters Signal With Full Anonymity

The Session messenger has taken privacy beyond Signal's level by providing anonymity and using a decentralized network of service nodes.
A Raspberry Pi with a heat sink

Raspberry Pi Now Equipped With A Staggering 8GB Of RAM

Over the past few years, the Raspberry Pi single board computers have climbed from a mere 1GB of RAM to 8 GB. Just last year, people were shocked by the introduction...

Samsung Will Cease LCD Production

The South Korean electronics giant Samsung Display has announced that it will cease the production of liquid crystal displays (LCDs) in South Korea and China at the end of 2020, Reuters...
Cybersecurity graphic

How to Respond Quickly to Cyber Threats

When you're running a business, cybersecurity needs to be one of your priorities. If a data breach occurs, then your response needs to be rapid, and the highly stressful environment means...