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2025 Ramcharger 1500 EV Offers ‘Unlimited’ Range

There’s a new Ram pickup truck in town, and it’s electric. The 2025 Ramcharger 1500 electric truck offers long range due to its onboard generator. The Ramcharger 1500 range is effectively 690 miles due to the generator. The Ramcharger 1500 is an extended-range electric vehicle (EREV)/Range-Extended Vehicle (REV). However, it is important to note that the range of an electric vehicle in electric-only mode is still quite important if you are concerned about fuel efficiency. The fuel efficiency of extended-range electric vehicles is significantly lower while their gasoline-powered generators are running.

Another feature of the Ramcharger that was mentioned is your ability to skip charging stations. This is useful if you are on a tight schedule and can’t stop to recharge. It’s also useful if you can’t find an electric vehicle charging station in your area. However, if you do have time and can find an electric vehicle charger, it is a good idea to stop and recharge the truck. It’s more energy-efficient, and provides the opportunity to choose your energy source, if you own a home solar system.

Other Specifications

  • 2025 Ramcharger 1500 Horsepower: 660 horsepower.
  • Torque: 615 lb-ft.
  • Maximum towing capacity: 14,000 pounds.
  • Maximum payload capacity: 2,625 pounds.
  • Ramcharger 1500 0-60 MPH time: 4.4 seconds.

Other notable features Of The Ramcharger 1500

  • One-Pedal Driving Mode: Regenerative braking slows down this truck while generating electricity if you simply release the accelerator pedal.
  • The ability to use your iPhone or Apple Watch as a key to unlock and start the truck.
  • Dual wireless charging so that both a passenger and driver can recharge their phones simultaneously.
  • Automated parking system.

Extended-Range Electric Vehicle: What It Means

The Ramcharger 1500’s classification as an extended-range electric vehicle means that it is driven exclusively by electric motors. However, the power source may be switched from the battery to a gasoline-powered generator or vice versa depending on driving conditions. The gasoline engine in an EREV will not run all the time due to the fact that it would needlessly waste fuel.

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