Renault Twingo EV Will Launch In 2026 For Under £17,000

Renault Twingo urban car
Renault Twingo. Image obtained with thanks from Renault.

Renault is slated to release a sub-£17,000 electric car in 2026, adding to the automaker’s lineup of seven electric vehicles. Renault says the compact car will be able to travel 6.2 miles per kWh of energy consumed and emit 75% less carbon dioxide (CO2) than the average internal combustion engine (ICE)-powered vehicle sold in 2023.

The compact B-segment electric car will compliment the gasoline-powered Twingo, which is now 10 years old. The Renault Twingo — described as a ‘fit-for-purpose’ urban EV will be launched alongside Ampere — a firm that aims to achieve price parity for electric vehicles. Ampere is expected to hire 35,000 employees.

£17,000 is still expensive for such a compact car. However, it is well within the price range of economy cars. Buyers of larger cars who are willing to step down to a smaller B-segment car may consider buying it to save fuel and reduce their environmental footprint. B-segment cars are popular in Europe and some people are willing to make the investment to lower their fuel expenditure.

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