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27% Of New Cars In France Are Now Electric

France’s electric vehicle industry has reached a milestone — 27% of new cars sold in France last month were electric. That’s 40,379 cars. 17% of those cars were battery-electric vehicles (BEV), while 10% of them were plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV). Sales of regular hybrid cars (vehicles that don’t plug in) were strong, accounting for 40% of the overall share.

The best selling electric car in France is the Dacia Spring, with an impressive 3,291 units sold (8.2%). The Fiat 500e (4.7%) is in second place, although considerably behind the Dacia Spring with 1,887 vehicles sold. The third and fourth vehicles are the MG 4 and the Tesla Model Y, which are close behind the Fiat 500e with sales of 1,864 (4.6%) and 1,833 (4.5%) units sold respectively.

Sitting in fifth place is the Renault Megane EV with 1,571 sales. The famous Tesla Model 3 was in 7th place with 1,353 sales (3.4%). The brands with the highest combined electric car sales start with Tesla in first place with 12.4% of sales, Peugeot in second place with 12.3% of sales, Renault in third place with 8.1% of sales. Dacia is the fourth best selling electric car brand with 6.7% of sales, and MG sits in fifth place with 6.0% of sales.

Best Selling Electric Vehicle Brand, Ordered By Automotive Groups

Stellantis takes the cake as the automotive group with the greatest electric car sales at 27.9% of the total. Renault is second with 15.1% of sales, Tesla is third with 12.4% of sales, VW is fourth with 11%, and BMW Group sits in 5th place with 7.4% of electric vehicle sales.

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