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teska cybertruck on the road

Tesla Starts Delivering Cybertrucks

After years of waiting, customers are now taking delivery of their new Cybertrucks from Tesla. The first customers to receive the Tesla Cybertruck got them this afternoon (EST time). The Cybertruck deliveries are being live streamed as part of the delivery event. Alexis Ohanian — a co-founder of Reddit received his Cybertruck via the live stream and he can be seen smiling alongside the cyberpunk-themed stainless steel truck.

The Cybertruck prices are now being shown as of the live stream delivery event and they start at $60,990. The ‘Cyberbeast’ version of the (supposedly) bulletproof stainless steel truck is $99,990. That price range is similar to Tesla’s Model S sedans. However, the truck’s starting price was originally set at $39,990.

Unfortunately, the $39,990 price target has been scrapped. That was supposed to be a key selling point of the truck’s design, as a bulletproof stainless steel truck offering the performance that it does would normally be prohibitively expensive. Whether the Cybertruck can still succeed with its new $60,000+ price tag remains to be seen.

The design of the truck is highly futuristic and considered unpleasant by some. However, car designs have made transitions that would have been considered unacceptably hideous in the past. The Cybertruck will serve as an important test bed for that style of truck and may even lead to powerful stainless steel cars that are affordable. The fact that it doesn’t have (and doesn’t need) paint is another selling point of the design. No chips or expensive repaint jobs required.

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