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Proton Mail Bridge

Proton Mail Now Has A Desktop App

The growing end-to-end encrypted email service Proton Mail now has a desktop app for Windows and MacOS. The Proton Mail desktop app is currently in its beta phase and is only available to Visionary account holders at the moment. However, the app will be made available to all users starting in 2024.

Currently, users have to use the Proton Mail bridge app with a third-party email client in order to access it without a web browser. Proton Mail bridge is needed because the email service is end-to-end encrypted, and there isn’t currently a universally-accepted standard for end-to-end encryption (at least not for email).

The Proton Mail desktop app would enable users to skip the bridge app while still benefiting from end-to-end encryption. The app will also offer offline functionality where possible, such as browsing and reading emails that have already been downloaded from the server. Users will also be able to compose emails offline, then they can encrypt and send them the next time they have Internet access.

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